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Our First Formal Meeting

Our first formal meeting was August 8, 2021 on the deck of Patrick’s house in Maggie Valley, NC by the beautiful river.

We started with a centering, pulled some tarot cards, and talked about the Lion’s Gate new moon.

From what we read in the above-linked article:

“The upcoming new moon on August 8th, 2021 at 9:49 a.m., ET, occurs in the bold fire sign of Leo, which represents self-expression, creation, and rules over the heart. What makes this new moon particularly notable is that it’s also called the lion’s gate portal, which happens every year around August 8th, when the Earth makes a special alignment with the fixed star Sirius, shifting creation-oriented energy. Leo is known for its regal nature and heartfelt bravery, and coupled with Sirius—known to bring abundance and harvest—this energy presents a powerful moment to upgrade your reality.”

What an incredible day to start a project that’s future oriented, outward focused, and aligned with abundance!!!

The article goes on to say that “Long-term projects, ideas, relationships, and major endeavors can now start to bear fruit and lead us towards a more authentic reality. The key to embracing this time and manifesting what’s in your heart is to have faith in your truth and release the attachment to how life should versus how it makes you feel.”

Here’s to a more authentic reality.

Yes please!!!

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