Building Community at Work

Our Holistic Goal

When we sat down to do our holistic goal together in October of 2021, we started off by each of us choosing our core values. Then we married them, each of us adopting both sets of values. From there, we added quality of life statements and commitments to live these values in our work with the Relational Leadership project.

  • Joy:
    • Our programs are filled with joy.
    • We smile often and laugh freely
    • We don’t take ourselves too seriously or things to personally
    • We are committed to appreciations and acknowledgement
  • Play:
    • We have so much fun when we are teaching/coaching/creating relational leadership
    • Strategy for play: take breaks, remind ourselves of imperfection, give integration time, read poetry
  • Beauty: 
    • We design and structure our content and processes with beauty in mind.
    • We engage democratically and inclusively
    • We pause often and we all contribute beauty
    • We see and feel the present
    • Balanced spaces and learning environments
  • Winning:
    • We are all winning
    • No one and nothing is left out
    • Everyone is winning at home/work and in/out of class
  • Abundance:
    • We are abundant from this project
    • Folks we work with are abundant
    • We are well compensated
    • Flow is happening/available
    • Strategies: we charge for our 30 years of experience, we eliminate leaks, we do what we love

abundance, holistic goal setting, joy, play, win-win


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