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15 Questions – A Brainstorm to Elicit Creativity

Patrick came to our meeting with the suggestion that we come up with 15 questions that have been floating in our hearts and minds during this co-creation process and get them all down on paper. No need to answer them. No need answer any of them.

Asking questions, creating questions, living in questions is a secret sauce to being open.

This was a liberating process for us both.

Here’s what we came up with:

  1. Who are we serving?
  2. What the fuck are we doing?
  3. What are our exit strategies?
  4. Is it ok with us if this were fun?
  5. Could we actually attract solicit and recruit and screen for just the people we want – high functioning high performance present embodied engaged people?
  6. Are the people we already know our initial tribe?
  7. Can this project more than support us financially?
  8. Can we deepen and strengthen our relationship through this process?
  9. Is the world a better place after people take this program?
  10. Is it truth is it good is it beautiful?
  11. How do we start?
  12. Do we bring other people into the academy – in what capacities?
  13. How do we name our shadows and the shit that gets in the way of our intentional partnership?
  14. How do we build on our already successful lives and our strengths?
  15. How can we be really clear about where we are strongest and where we can get in the way?
  16. Do we have to or do we want to do spin off stuff that is also like podcast/videos fall under marketing?
  17. How do we structure marketing stuff?
  18. Do we hire people? 
  19. Do we put in money?
  20. How do we stay guided by our higher selves? How do we articulate our shared values?
  21. How much do we make decisions together vs how much do we let creativity guide?
  22. What is our feedback process and how much room do we give for autonomy?

As we were pressured to come up with more and more questions, we dug around the corners and pulled up all the hopes and fears. This emptied the bucket.

And we began our meeting with a blank canvas!

This is a brilliant exercise. Try it on your own.

15 questions, brainstorm, creativity, flow, pressure off, unburden

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