Building Community at Work

The Hero’s Journey = The Leader’s Journey

In thinking about how to frame our model a nine month training for paradigm shifting leaders, we were really drawn to the Hero’s Journey narrative.

Popularized by Joseph Campbell the Hero’s Journey looks at themes that run through the lives of humans.

They can be characterized by:

  • We are presented with a mythological challenge. We hear the shamanic call of destiny to begin a quest.
  • This invitation will change everything we thought we knew about ourselves and about reality. It will drop us directly into our fears or the unknown. We are faced with the difficult challenge to surrender what we know and lean into what we don’t know.
  • By following the still small voice that pulls us forward we embark on this deep inner journey of transformation. It is a metaphorical voyage.
  • Once we embark, life will never be the same. We go to the underworld – we face our deepest fears – we encounter ourselves.
  • We encounter mentors who give wisdom insight and guidance.
  • We return transformed. Matured. Integrated.

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