Building Community at Work

Our Myers Briggs Types

Patrick is a proud and loud and outward ENFP. He’s upbeat, fun, positive, and optimistic. He dresses as Santa during the holidays. And everyone is convinced. Like for real convinced.

Lee is an ENFJ. The E, N, and F are fairly in the midrange. But the J is very J. Which means she’s doing most of the administrative, accounting, minute-taking, and general all around detailed stuff. She’s also a great writer and thinker.

Together they think and talk and process quickly, which they both love.

They can both surrender to the creative process.

They both actually show up for meetings on time. And yet give lots of room for plans to change and adjust as other important things in life emerge.

They can both be in their hearts and heads at the same time.

They were born to manifest this partnership.

And everyone wins.

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