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The Gene Keys assisted the forming of RLA

Patrick and I started discussing the Relational Leadership Academy in the Spring of 2021. We started meeting about it formally in August of 2021. By November, we were well on our way with agreements in place and task lists and a new website.

I started the Pearl Sequence with the Gene Keys, a path of transformation through contemplation of the keys on one’s on specific profile. If you haven’t discovered the Gene Keys yet, you can get a free profile here.

In November, we studied the SPHERE OF VOCATION and in December, we studied the SPHERE OF CULTURE, and in January we started studying the SPHERE OF BRAND.

So much came together for me in terms of my service to the whole, who I am, and what I want to offer.

These are some of the excerpts that I shared with Patrick on our January 2, 2022 meeting:

“Since your brand is your sword, you need it to reflect a truth that you hold deep within, and your brand also draws you together with those others who carry the same brand. The power of a brand is the power of fellowship – it unites those with a common purpose through its deeper meaning and symbolism. Alongside the brand name and of equal importance, is the symbol representing the brand. Whereas the name enters the left-brain, the symbol enters via the right brain, which is where brand loyalty and recognition is found. The yin brain intuitively recognises its own fractal, whereas the yang brain explores, accepts and/or rejects it.”

Marketing Truth

“At the highest level of frequency, there is only one product, and that product is Truth. In the world, there are simply degrees of truth masquerading as products, and we get so attached to buying and selling them all. All of this is the currency of communication that takes place between elements of the one Truth who have forgotten their common source and therefore feel the need to trade aspects of their own separateness with each other. The world of business and commerce is all a great stage upon which the state of human evolutionary consciousness is made manifest. That we can now see the whole world stage rather than our tiny corner of it makes the mirror even clearer than ever. As Truth begins to break through into the business world, we will see a slow but sustained transformation moving across the world stage.”

“One of the first things to be clear about if you are intending on going into business is what your product really is. This may sound very obvious to people, but it may not be so. At the highest level, whatever your physical product is is not the real product – You are the product! The product and its branding are simply an excuse for you to communicate a frequency down your fractal line. What gets communicated down that line is up to you – it may be fear, greed, desire, love, service, awakening or any other frequency. The highest frequencies are Truth, Love and Awakening, which all amount to the same thing. There is a huge irony if you find yourself in the business of marketing Truth, which is that really you are marketing death! To the separate self in the marketplace, the last thing it wants is to die into its higher nature – which is what happens when one meets Truth. As you may imagine, it is not easy to sell someone their own death, so you have to hide it, and this is where branding comes in.”

“The New Age market is filled with all kinds of people peddling all kinds of wares and making all kinds of claims. Most of the time, these people don’t really make any serious money because they fail to realise that they are the product. The moment you grasp that you are selling Love or Truth, then your brand becomes much more powerful because you see it for what it really is – a trick to make others feel safe about who you are and what you are doing. Truth is the most unsafe product there is, and it is the most rewarding product there is. If you are marketing Truth, you have to play this game, or you won’t have any real success. Once you have realised that your brand or product is really an excuse for you to pass a sacred transmission down your fractal line, then you will find yourself an exponent of Executive Magick. Without really doing anything much at all, your product will market itself, because people cannot resist the Truth.”

All of this writing if from Richard Rudd. It has touched me deeply and I’m forever grateful.

Contemplation, Finding Our Yes, Gene Keys, Spiritual Guidance

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