Building Community at Work

9 Week

Building Relational Culture

An Immersion for Leaders

Are you building a team? Inheriting a team? Joining a team?

Do you have a desire to experience community at work?

Are you wanting a more relational culture?

If, as Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” the question becomes…..

How do we build culture?

And while we’re at it, how do we build sane, integrated, inclusive, trust-based, collaborative, and joyful culture??

Building Relational Culture IMMERSION

The Details:

Structure: Nine live online engagements. One per week.

Dates: Thursdays from 4-6:30pm Eastern starting September 22 and ending November 17, 2022

Format: Education modules are interspersed with group engagement, dynamic discussion, mindfulness check-ins, take-away practices, peer support, and contemplation prompts.

Group Size: Small groups size. Minimum 8 participants. Maximum 12. 

Audience: Conscious leaders from non-profit, small business, corporate, NGO, and government sectors. Anyone who is part of a team. Anyone who manages people, projects, groups, and organizations. Whether new to leadership or a long time manager, all participants will expand in their understanding of relational leadership.  

The Building Relational Culture Immersion is an opportunity to become a visionary change maker co-creating the “more beautiful world our heart’s know is possible.”

The small group format provides a tailored and personalized approach to your specific situation. You will be able to “workshop” your specific situation, at this time, and with these teammates.

Expect a profound toolkit enhancement, skill-building, a support network, and lasting new friendships. 

Appropriate for new and seasoned leaders alike.

Join us for this nine week immersion in building relational culture.

The Building Blocks of Relational Culture

The Truth About Relational Culture…

It’s all about trust.

How do we build trust?

Humans are wired for relatedness. We are social animals.

The building blocks in this framework create the map for trust building.

This IMMERSION will uplevel your life!

Immersion Possibilities

Experience community at work

Ready to turn up the volume on what’s already working with your team?

Ready to enroll yourself and others in a path of excellence?

Ready to move from contraction to expansion, from judgement to curiosity, from challenge to opportunity?

Ready to surround yourself with people who will help create the environment in which you will ALL thrive?

Create a high vibration workplace

Ready for a workplace filled with honest communication, collective problem solving, transparency, and a strong sense of belonging?

Ready for inclusive, collaborative, and deeply trusting relationships — in work, in love, and in play?

Ready for a project team that is based on mutually beneficial models of relating?

Included in the 9 Week Immersion:

  1. 2.5 Hour Group Call (Thursdays from 4-6:30pm)
    • Group check-in
    • Innovative learning module based on each step of the relational culture pyramid.
      • Crafting Guiding Documents
      • Understanding Motivation
      • Including the Whole Person
      • Defining Team Values
      • Agreements & Measurements
      • Staying Connected
      • Nuts & Bolts of Trust
      • Feedback Systems
      • Leadership Support
    • Participant Engagement. Could include any of the following:
      • Group Coaching
      • Individual Coaching in the Group Context
      • Focus from the Whole Group on one person
      • Breakout Rooms
      • Group Sharing
  2. Mutual Support Call 
    • Once a week call with a buddy that provides fuel for the journey and an opportunity to deepen topic understanding and integrate the learning.
  3. Take Away Assignments
    • From journaling and contemplation suggestions to actual to-do tasks, these help deepen, embody, and implement the teachings. 
  4. Access to All Video Resources
  5. UPGRADE: Includes four one-hour coaching sessions.

Immersion Begins September 22, 2022

Immersion Objectives & Outcomes

  • Define and set relational culture goals.
  • Experience increased confidence in creating trust-based teams.
  • Celebrate your inner wisdom, insight, and knowledge.
  • Explore new ways of seeing, thinking, and leading. 
  • Access a circle of support.
  • Design high engagement teams.
  • Strengthen new skill sets.
  • Advance your relational agenda.
  • Align your work life with your heart’s desire.
  • Receive reflection and accountability.
  • Form community with others on a similar path.
  • Activate new systems of relatedness in your workplace.
  • Breathe life into areas of collapse.
  • Create a plan of action for implementing new learning.

“People at work are thirsting for context, yearning to know that what they do contributes to a larger whole.”

~Dan Pink

Ready to build the relational culture of your dreams?
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Building Relational Culture

$1200 $850 through 6/30/22


Building Relational Culture

$2000 $1400 through 6/30/22

(Includes four coaching sessions)

Immersion Facilitators

Hello. We are Lee Warren & Patrick Davis.

We’re thrilled to be guiding you for this Building Relational Culture Immersion.

We will be offering you reflection, cheerleading, guidance, support, encouragement, and thought partnership.

We will champion you towards a trust-based workplace by eliciting your own wisdom, insight, and brilliance.

We look forward to co-creating with you!

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