Building Community at Work

Guiding Intentions


Soul-driven leaders are reimagining and recreating work environments to become thriving communities.


We offer coaching and education to paradigm shifting leaders who are building collaborative, integrated, effective, and relational teams.


Community at work! Empowered, holistic, inclusive, and joyful. 


Through enhancing emotional intelligence, deepening trauma-informed relating, using mindfulness practices, and employing empathy-driven communication, we build community at work.

The Relational Leadership Academy offers coaching and education for paradigm shifting leaders who want to build collaborative, integrated, visionary, and high performance teams.

Relational Leaders Change the World!

What do we mean by this?

Empowered and inspired leaders are remaking, recreating, reimaging, reengineering our world.

Towards more democratic, dynamic, and soul driven initiatives.

Thriving means redesigning our organizational frameworks based on trust, embodiment, joy, and inclusivity.

This is the work of relational leaders.

With these kinds of teams, anything can happen.

Why Us?

Lee Warren and Patrick Davis are committed to contributing in the world through supporting emerging leaders.

We are inspired by culture change.

We believe that relational leaders can remake the world. 

We are excited to help your transformation into the kind of leader that brings you joy.

We are thrilled to watch you expand into the fullest you imaginable. 

We are honored to offer reflection, guidance, and support for your innate wisdom.

We expect to walk next to you as a fellow thought leader.

We desire to learn from you, from the group, and from each other. 

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