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Why Us?

We love working with teams

Our sixty years of combined experience with building community at work gives us a comprehensive toolkit for supporting others. In addition, our excitement about new paradigm teams and our knowledge about the atmosphere that supports them, is boundless. We’re excited to work with you. Here’s some additional information about us that may be informative for you.

Patrick Davis Coaching Testimonials

Patrick has worked with professionals of all stripes, from Executive Leaders to Global Movement Creators to Middle Managers to other coacher to folks making a change in career. Here is some of what they have to say.

  • Ann Schumacher

    President CHI Health Immanuel

    “Patrick’s ability to create programs that engage both staff and leaders is unique and powerful. I’ve seen him empower all members of the health care team”

  • Dr. Rebecca Ashford Ed. D.

    President, Chattanooga State Community College

    “The coaching I received from Patrick supported my personal growth and professional development as hee provided tools for me to bring stakeholders together around a complex cause.“

  • Claudia Freed, CEO

    EALgreen—Socially Responsible Business Leadership (Chicago, IL)

    “Patrick Davis is a unique resource to supercharge executive leadership. No two leaders are the same. And nobody understands this better than Patrick…I work with him on a regular basis to focus on my unique leadership style and to help me find authentic ways to elevate my performance and find even more fulfillment in my life. Patrick is one of the most insightful individuals I know when it comes to helping me achieve my goals. His integrated approach to executive performance has allowed me to discover new powerful tools to manage myself, to see value where others don’t, and to add joy to my life…His fresh coaching approach has taken my professional journey from adversity to success!” 

  • Drema Bowers

    MSW and Coach

    “Coaching was new to me and I was amazed by how it offered practical and powerful tools for my daily work and life.”

  • Flame Schoeder, MCC

    Personal Development Coach and Mentor To New Coaches

    “My coaching practice has quadrupled in income and impact…. I feel more confident to speak in public, more satisfied by the choices I make about the framework of my practice, and happier with my life. I wouldn’t want to do my work without you on my team!”

  • Chris Gyori

    Founder of a global research initiative 

    “Working with you prepared me for a retreat where I needed to engage my team.”

  • R.K.


    “After just two sessions a friend has noticed a difference!” 

  • Craig Guthrie

    An Olympic Athlete turned world-class trainer

    “Your guidance is gentle, clear and effective.” 

  • Annie Gray, Ph.D.

     Professor of English

    “You provided me with unique and useful tools that continue to add value to my work and life.”

  • C.B.

    Health Care Leader

    “Coaching has given me greater confidence as a leader and a confidential space to get clear on my next steps.”

Lee Warren Team & Education Testimonials

Lee has worked has worked within the context of teams for more than thirty years. 

  • David Case

    2020 Workshop Participant

    “From the opening moments of the workshop, Lee’s wisdom is apparent. Even though zoom, she connects and inspires as through she is in your room. It’s clear that she is a master of all the materials she presented.”

  • End of Life

    2020 Workshop Participant

    “Lee’s teaching style has a lovely blend of organizational fortitude and down-to-earth compassion. She’ll keep everyone on task while being warm and genuinely open to input. I particularly appreciated the treasure trove of well-researched resources/experiences that she shared with us, the space she made for us to connect with each other, and her patience while we all navigated new technology.”

  • Pripo & Yvonna Teplitsky

    2020 Workshop Participant
    “Lee did a great job guiding people through this process at a pleasing pace while making room for people’s questions. She is full of knowledge and experience and she generously share all her relevant resources.”
  • Dr David Nygaard

    2020 Workshop Participant
    “I have found Lee to be a wealth of knowledge and resources. The workshop was as thorough as it was spacious. It covered difficult topics with grace and neutrality. Lee is gifted at managing group process while insuring she attended to individual needs and desires.”
  • Kitty Schaller

    2020 Workshop Participant
    “I was surprised at how quickly the time went, and I felt completely engaged throughout. Lee’s many years of experience and practice imbued the event with thoughtfulness and gentleness. I found her to be organized, informative, motivating — and most of all, human.”
  • MayaJoëlle Aubry

    2020 Workshop Participant
    “Well organized, well delivered, well worth the time. Each participant was given plenty of opportunities to share. I felt very supported by the presenter and other members of the participants. We were maintaining a great level of communication, I felt a sense of belonging throughout the workshop and beyond.”
  • Ellie Hope

    2021 Workshop Participant
    “I really don’t think that the workshop with Lee could have been any better. The content is comprehensive, the group size was perfect, and Lee is an excellent sensitive facilitator who is extraordinarily attuned to participants.”
  • Keary Jenkins

    Coaching Client 2021

    “When I heard Lee say, “functional teams demonstrate communication, transparency, and trust,” it changed everything for me. I chose to “be” that change in my workplace and find others who resonated with that change. It is having impact with everyone in the entire organization, including the CEO. Employees who felt powerless in the past are now starting to light up. Our work ecology is changing and the transformation is beyond powerful.”

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