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A note about the payment structure. Sliding Scale is a type of fee structure where people with fewer resources can pay a lower price and people with more resources can pay a higher price. In this system the client determines the rate, no questions asked. There is an inherent trust, allowance, and collaboration in this system that honors both the time and experience of the coaches as well as income, ability, and intuition of the client. Please choose the payment that feels most aligned with your flow. May we all prosper.

Building Community at Work

Patrick Davis
Building Community at Work

Before coaching was a common term, I created a flyer in 1994 and called myself a “career companion.” 

The tools I share have been informed both by my formal coach training but also by years of working with leadership development programs, holistic health care approaches, community colleges, massage and yoga schools, leadership retreats and conferences for health care leaders and others.  Gradually, I began mentoring emerging coaches as I specialized in coaching executives of various causes and organizations of all sizes.

Meanwhile, my second love, hospice, has carved a place in my life where I am doing some writing about my 30 years of experience with hospice and life coaching, while serving as a hospice on the days when I’m not coaching. I’m perennially curious about how our way of being at the end of life is informed by how we “lead” ourselves through all of the seasons of life. 

With a Masters in Adult Education and a lifelong study of education I am empowered to more skillfully pass on the skills I’ve acquired to an emerging generation of coaches and leaders. Most of my practice has been with what I call “bold women leaders.”  Yes, I work with men too. In reality, women are often the pioneers for an approach to leadership that balances both head and heart as they bring people together around a common cause. 

Today, I’ve wrapped key elements of this experience into a coaching framework I call Awake8 (website coming soon). I’m also partnering with my colleague Lee Warren (one of the bold women I’ve coached) to develop the next generation of leaders through the programs of this Relational Leadership Academy.

I’m excited to work with you.

Lee Warren
Building Community at Work

Lee Warren has been building community at work and also been working in the context of community for thirty years. In fact, she is a devoted community builder. She is delighted by community of all kinds, shapes, sizes, and intentions.

Her life purpose is to provide leadership in the building of community in accessible, natural, and blissful ways. To that end, she is committed to reweaving cosmologies as well as regenerating cultural wisdom that allows for us all to “return to the village.” 

Even and especially in our work lives. Lee’s community building at work includes:

  • As Systems Designer, Co-Marketing Director, and Project Manager (2020-21); Co-Founder (2012); Advising Partner (2014-20) at School of Integrated Living (SOIL)
  • Executive Director (2013-2020), for a sustainable agriculture non-profit, Organic Growers School. Collaborated with upwards of ten staff members.  
  • Advisor/Mentor (2013-present); Co-founder, co-manager, lead farmer, apprenticeship coordinator (2003-2013) of Imani Farm, a commercial integrated agriculture farm with up to 12 farm workers.
  • Co-director (2005-2103) with three others of a 1200+ person annual event, Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference focused on women’s health and herbs.
  • Co-founder, co-builder, co-owner, and co-manager of Village Terraces Cohousing (2000-2022), of an off-grid, hand-built, owner managed residential cooperative with 8 members and up to 25 residents.
  • Board member, member/resident, committee-member, builder, and co-creator (2000-2022) of Earthaven Ecovillage, a land-based, place-based, bioregional, living laboratory for a sustainable human future. 
  • Co-manager (1999-2000) of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange within a cooperative, land-based community, with a dozen other people. 

Lee’s coaching style embraces interpersonal dimensions using parts-work and NVC (non-violent communication) as well as intention setting, visioning, and creating more excellence into our professional lives. 

More about her life and projects can be found at Reclaiming Wisdom, her personal website. 

Building Community at Work
Coaching with Both of Us

Sometimes called dual coaching or stereo coaching, you can meet with both Lee Warren and Patrick Davis together. Blending both perspectives can be helpful when wanting reflection from the heart and the head and the body and the soul. 

The synergy of three people putting love, attention, and presence on a topic can really help illuminate and clarify the way forward.

We’re flexible to work this out in a style and manner that works for you. In other words, we can customize this to make the most of synergy.

We expect these joint session will leave you deeply reflected. From there we expect empowerment, momentum, motivation, and implementation.

Relational Leaders Change the World!

Who can benefit from coaching?

Thoughts from Patrick Davis:

  • Do you need to bring people together to implement a must-succeed collaborative initiative across departments, organizations or for a regional, national or global initiative? I’ve given leaders and other coaches the confidence to lead workshops and Decision Accelerators (DA’s) for stakeholders of a cause as they align goals for the coming year.

  • Have you started leading an organization that is being passed onto you by the founders or have you needed to pass on an organization you’ve founded to the next generation of leaders? Some of the leaders I’ve coached have faced the challenge of passing on an organization to the next generation of leaders.  How do they both remain rooted in the best of the past and create space for the new?

  • Are you preparing to communicate with confidence your own framework as a thought-leader or for addressing a complex problem? I’ve guided leaders and coaches as they create engaging workshops for their industry by sharing what I learned from a career speaking at health care conferences.  In 2014, I spoke on collaborative approaches for a national forum of non-profit board members in Washington, D.C. 

  • Do you work with a governing board? I’ve served as a non-profit board chair during the founding years of a new organization and then recruited and coached the founding executive director of the organization.  

  • Would you appreciate a confidential space to gain confidence as you navigate leading a complex cause? For thirty years I’ve offered one-on-one coaching sessions with leaders of all types.

  • Are you working as a director in a complex organization? I gained compassion for the challenges of middle management when working as a department director in a large health system and supporting the leadership development strategies for the organization’s over 10,000 associates.

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