Building Community at Work

Building Relational Culture IMMERSION

The 9 week Immersion:

  • Begins September 22 and ends November 17. 
  • Nine live online engagements.
  • Thursday evenings from 4-6:30 EST.
  • Small group size.
  • Mindfulness check-ins, take away practices, peer support, contemplation prompts, group engagement. 
  • Profound toolkit enhancement, skill-building, a support network, and lasting new friendships. 

The Building Relational Culture Immersion is an opportunity to become a visionary change maker co-creating the “more beautiful world our heart’s know is possible.


Cost for the Immersion is $1200 with an upgrade to $2000 with four coaching sessions. 

Prices until 6/30/22 are $850 for the Immersion and $1400 with the upgrade.

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Building Relational Culture

9 Week Immersion

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One-on-One or Dual.

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