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We’re offering three short courses this summer. Affordable, accessible, and widely applicable to most all work situations. We’re thrilled to be offering these snippets of soulful, relational, and heartful ways to engage at work. Register for the short courses here

Self Inquiry at Work

The Enneagram for Sacred Self Inquiry

We all have parts of us that are stuck in patterns of lack and fear and unworthiness.

As we unlock own internal mysteries we experience greater liberation from the places where we are consciously and unconsciously stuck. As we develop self understanding and a sense of wonder and witness, we begin hold ourselves and others more lightly.

The Enneagram, a personality profiling system based on exposing our personality’s defense systems, offers us a profound roadmap. This roadmap guides our personal transformation in ways that are specific to our individual psychology.

Exploring this dynamic path of awakening offers tremendous and expansive gifts. First and foremost it accentuates our relationship with the higher self, or soul, as we begin to distinguish it from our “false self.”

Additionally it enhances our self awareness, deepens our understanding of others,  increases relational intelligences, invites compassion, and drives our sacred curiosity. 

Join this introductory overview of the Enneagram and how it applies to living a more soulful life. It’s helpful to know your Enneagram type but not necessary. No prior Enneagram experience necessary and this information is applicable to all walks of life.

We will discuss the basics of the Enneagram, how to self type, the wings, the subtypes, and the suggestions for living a more soul-guided life. This LIVE workshop is mostly educational with some  discussion and integration components.

Sundays, May 8, 15, 22

Instructors: Lee Warren
The registration link will bring you to Reclaiming Wisdom, Lee Warren’s personal website.
Cost: Sliding Scale $210-$45

Soul at Work

Monday, June 13, 2022

Instructors: Lee Warren & Patrick Davis
Cost: $35

Living a soul guided life at work!

If we’re in a place of leadership, we have a large-sized influence on the world. Yet bringing spiritual goals from out of the pew or off of the yoga mat or meditation cushion don’t always translate easily.

Learn about these universal principles that apply to the secular and religious alike and are culturally sensitive and expansive. 

We will discuss how to give our greatest service whether or not we’re in a values-based line of work.

  • Being our best spiritual selves
  • The goals of the soul driven leader
  • Servant leadership and values based work
  • The 3D Life
  • The SAW Method
  • Team connection through inclusion, sharing, and ritual
  • Forming a common language with different discourse communities
  • Nourishing our own process

Collaboration at Work

Strengthen Partnerships through Heartful Relating

In ancient times, cultures gathered around the fire to hold candid dialogue about the matters that impacted the entire community.

In this short course we explore the art of dialog, inquiry, advocacy, silence and brevity which serve initiate, enhance, and build a culture of authentic conversations at work. The outcomes include:

  • Strengthen communication across silos
  • Improve collaborations
  • Build a sense of ownership for shared outcomes
  • Bring people together for a common goal
  • Enhance collective problem solving and collective impact
  • Maintain coalitions for the long term
  • Offer cross pollination between sectors
  • Sharing decision making power
  • Proactively address problems

Learn about the tradition of “council work,” which can be applied to modern work settings in order to create intentional and inclusive environments for all team members. 

This relational framework serves as the glue that holds people together. Time spent in these heart centered places provides ingredients for long term effectiveness, engagement, and dynamic performance. 

Monday, July 11, 2022

Instructors: Lee Warren & Patrick Davis
Cost: $35

Feedback at Work

Monday, August 15, 2022

Instructors: Lee Warren & Patrick Davis
Cost: $35

Increase Trust through Ongoing Feedback

Ongoing, regular, and specific feedback contributes to an atmosphere of trust at work. In fact feedback is integral to the clarity, stability, and certainty required for a relational culture. 

Most of us haven’t learned to give feedback in heartful, engaged, and related ways so we often avoid it. 

We’ll discuss in-the-moment feedback, feedback in regular meetings, post event feedback, and annual performance review type feedback. 

Specifically we’ll discuss:

  • Non hierarchical, circular, team based feedback systems.
  • Written vs. verbal feedback
  • Making feedback a part of every meeting
  • Tracking for excellence and measuring outcomes
  • Using job descriptions, mission/vision, and team values to guide feedback
  • Performance review styles and options
  • Using SAIL and/or NVC as a structure for feedback
  • Charting improvements for a probationary situation

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