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The Leader’s Journey

A rigorous program of live monthly education modules, one-on-one coaching, group huddles, support calls, take away assignments and full access to all paid trainings at the Relational Leadership Academy.

A 9-Month Journey towards Relational Leadership

Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine a workplace filled with honest communication, collective problem solving, transparency, and a strong sense of belonging?

New and innovative studies are showing that humans perform more creatively, cooperatively, efficiently, and effectively with a structure that values their whole selves.

Gone are the days of the purely hierarchical leadership model. We’re all now looking for work environments based on mutually beneficial models of relating.

This 9-Month Leader’s Journey offers a toolkit for professional enhancement and personal skill building for new and seasoned leaders. 

What to Expect

The 9-Month Leader’s Journey is an inner and outer journey of emerging.

It is opportunity to become a visionary leader co-creating the “more beautiful world our heart’s know is possible.”

Education modules are interspersed with one-on-one coaching sessions, group engagement, dynamic discussion, mindfulness check-ins, take-away practices, and contemplation prompts.

The small group format provides a tailored and personalized approach to your life and work. You will be able to discuss your specific situation.

Join us for this nine month journey into a comprehensive skill building in creating relational culture.

The Leader’s Journey Format

Format: Five engaging projects and four live engagements per month.

Hours: More than 60 hours of live time with the team.

Platform: Online using zoom.

Group Size: Minimum 8 participants, Maximum 30. 

Audience: Conscious leaders from non-profit, small business, corporate, NGO, and government sectors. Anyone who is part of a team. Anyone who manages people, projects, groups, and organizations. Whether new to leadership or a long time manager, all participants will expand in their understanding of relational leadership.  

Investment: $10,350. with deep discounts for the pilot year. In exchange for program feedback, our pilot year investment is $3,530.

Components of the 9-Month Program

This deep dive builds strong foundation for emerging leaders to build the kind of holistic structure that will last a lifetime.

  1. Innovative Learning Module
    • 2-3 Hours.
    • Takes place on the NEW MOON which is primed for setting intentions and planting new seeds.
    • Each month includes integration and embodiment of the previous month’s teaching.
    • See Curriculum & Schedule page for topics, dates, & details.
  2. One-On-One Laser Coaching Sessions
    • 30-Minute Coaching sessions in a confidential space for clarify the teachings,  process your experience, and identify authentic actions that will move you toward your intentions in this module.
    • Takes place after the education module to nurture the seedling planted at the New Moon.
  3. The SAW Method Huddle
    • A once monthly group gathering to practice a mindful pause and briefly check in with evidenced-based practices for expanding emotional intelligence and resilience.
    • Takes place at the FULL MOON to further integration and embodiment of the teachings, cross pollinate with other students and continue to integrate the learning.
    • 1.5 hours.
  4. Mutual Support Call 
    • Once a week call with a buddy that provides fuel for the journey and an opportunity to deepen topic understanding and integrate the learning.
    • 1.5-2 hours.
  5. Take Away Assignments
    • Practice, journaling, and contemplation suggestions for deepening and embodying the teachings. 

Begins Fall of 2022.

See the Curriculum & Schedule page for more details.

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    Relational Leaders Change the World

    Journey Objectives

    ~Define and set personal leadership goals.
    ~Integrate trauma-informed learning.
    ~Incorporate powerful guiding documents.
    ~Explore new modalities for understanding humans.
    ~Generate compassion and empathy.
    ~Implement inclusivity practices.
    ~Adopt systems of staying connected.
    ~Find your YES. 
    ~Help others find their YES.
    ~Develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skill sets.
    ~Convey components of trust building.
    ~Discover creative approaches to feedback.
    ~Choose self care that sustains leadership.
    ~Enjoy high engagement teams.
    ~Experiment with new ways leading. 
    ~Reflect on your emerging leadership.
    ~Experience increased confidence.
    ~Celebrate your inner wisdom, insight, and guidance.

    Personal Mastery

    This journey will no double improve the quality of your current work environment.

    Yet more importantly, it will set you on path of  conscious personal mastery. 

    The unstoppable process of becoming you will include:

    • Turning up the volume on what’s already working in your life. 
    • Telling yourself and others the truth of your own genius.
    • Moving from contraction to expansion, from judgement to curiosity, from challenge to opportunity.
    • Surrounding yourself with the people, attitudes, and atmospheres that will elicit your thriving.

    Destiny has summoned us.

    We’re all living a profound and important mythological narrative.

    Life is a ongoing and deep inner experience of transformation. 

    As we follow the still small voice inside of us, our path leads us to emergent terrain.

    The Leader’s Journey is an invitation.

    An invitation to a quest that will change everything you thought you knew about yourself, about life, and about what’s possible.

    Together we will surrender what we know and lean into the mystery.

    Once on this metaphorical journey, life will never be the same.

    This Program is for…..

    • Young emerging leaders
    • Conscious business owners & entrepreneurs
    • Non-profit directors
    • Corporate and government innovators
    • Managers of high impact projects
    • Start-up collaborators
    • Coordinators of partnerships across sectors in involving diverse stakeholders

    Characterized by….

    • The pioneering of new emerging leadership paradigms.
    • Willingness to be self-reflective, resourceful, and creative.
    • Committed to a more inclusive approach to building teams.
    • Excited about collaborative and trust-based relating in work, love, and play.

    “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

    ~Joseph Campbell

    Meet Your Facilitators

    We are excited to be able to offer you Reflection. Guidance. Support. Inspiration. Education. Encouragement. Championing. Holding Space. Inviting.

    Lee Warren

    With more than 30 years experience in team environments, Lee has logged more than 30,000 hours in relational leadership models. From co-managing a seed company in a land-based community, to running a cooperative farm, to co-creating businesses and collaborative housing projects, to bringing an ecovillage project to life over twenty+ years, to being an executive director with a team of 10 employees, she’s made many mistakes, forged many new systems, and has generated the ability to distill the wisdom. 

    Patrick Davis

    Patrick has served as an executive coach to leaders of innovative approaches and teams for over 25 years. His clients have begun new causes and have strengthened existing programs and teams. Clients have consistently expanded the scope of their contribution and have become more confident with their leadership skills. He offers one-on-one coaching for all members of this program as well. His coaching is informed by a background in hospice, where he learned to clarify those values and visions that bring joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. 

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