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The Relational Leadership Academy offers coaching and education for paradigm shifting leaders who want to build collaborative, integrated, visionary, and high performance teams.

What is Relational Leadership?

Being a strong, powerful, and brave leader means pioneering new ways of building teams.

Gone are the days of the purely hierarchical structure. In its place are emerging collaborative, equitable, inclusive, trust-based, and mutually beneficial models of relating. 

These new paradigm teams are the future. Building them involves creating a strong foundation upon which a relational culture can be built.

The Relational Leadership Academy, offers coaching and education about the foundational structures that cultivate a culture of appreciation, trust, honest communication, collective problem solving, and transparency.

As a result of this rich and satisfying engagement, organizations and the people in them thrive. 

Relational Leaders Create Visionary Initiatives
Powerfully Integrated Teams

Who are Relational Leaders?

Relational Leaders are nonprofit directors, corporate managers, and small business owners.

Really, anyone who works collaboratively.

Relational Leaders build inclusive, participatory, creative, dynamic, and trust-based teams. 

Relational Leaders are visionary professionals who manage complexity and paradox.

Relational Leaders desire partnership-based models that are effective and cooperative, productive and enjoyable. 

Relational Leaders are building teams with heart and soul.

Through the tools of emotional intelligence, trauma informed relating, mindfulness cultivation, and building systems of trust, you will cultivate a team culture of joy, connection, fun, belonging, and effectiveness.

Relational Leaders Build Teams with Heart & Soul

Do you want to be a relational leader?

Creating thriving teams requires passion, clarity, vision, and a strong toolkit. 

Through rich program content, expert mentorship, professional development, and immersion in team-based learning, our programs will help you create thriving teams.

With this roadmap and guidance, our goal is to support, enhance, and accelerate your process.

We would love support your vision and help you create powerfully integrated teams now. 

We look forward to journeying with you!

Patrick Davis & Lee Warren

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